I made a tweet about this earlier today, but friends in the guild we’ve been a part of since August 2007 have been wanting to ramp back up and start recruitment as we get closer to Warlords of Draenor. I figure, as the up-until-now-absentee guild leader, it probably only makes sense to help them out. Especially if I’m going to make an attempt at really coming back long term.

So! To that end, we are the Bubblegum Tigers of Frostwolf (now Frostwolf/Vashj). I think it’s also probably apparent that we are Alliance (and proud!). I figured I’d give a shoutout to the guild here, for what that’s worth, in case we have a couple of people who might want to hop on and raid with us. Or level. Or just flat out socialize and be goofballs. It really doesn’t matter. It’s almost always been a laid back guild that has enjoyed having fun doing whatever, so that’s what you’d be getting.

If this sounds like a good time to you, feel free to hop on and ask anyone on this list who is rank 1 or higher for an invite! Or simply send a request on the server! We look forward to anyone who might want to hop on and join and, yes, we have the dumbest name and we love it. :3